State to censor internet traffic?

The Star Tribune is running an interesting article.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety (which enforces gambling in the state) instructed 11 national and regional ISPs to stop allowing access for Minnesota-based computers to some 200 online gambling sites (as such sites are illegal in the state of Minnesota).

This raises some serious concerns if it holds up in court (which I can't believe it would). This is the beginning of state censorship. Next stop: China.

After this takes effect, what's next? Shutting down IRC because of predators? Blocking access to sites on how to make a bomb, etc, etc, etc? The end of online porn?

This has some serious First Amendment issues...




I'd be surprised if any of these ISPs complies. It's big news if they do.

re: Woah

I agree - it would be the ISPs that wind up in court I think, not the state. What ISP is going to want to foot the bill...?

Political posturing

This is nothing more than an attempt to get attention drawn to the issue. I have to believe that those talking about this know of other failed attempts to do the same thing (KY?) so the only possible reason would be to "scare" non-compulsive gambler into stopping. That and I'm positive that the Native American community is pushing for at least some of this to help protect their interests.

re: Political posturing

But how much of a scare is it? To me it simply amplifies the point that the state has no other cards in it's enforcement deck (pun intended).

It draws attention to the issue but at the same time looks like they're grasping at straws.


Here's the lawsuit that we knew was coming:

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