Duluth Central High School to close

The Duluth school district announced on Friday that it is recommending the red plan (for fixing it's financial problems). The red plan puts it on course to close Central along with about 5 other schools. The plan still needs to be voted on by the school board.

This will dramatically change schools in Duluth. Duluth will become a two-high-school city, with Denfeld and Ordean (East will become a middle school). A new building will be constructed on the west side of town as a new middle school.

The plan is expected to cost $257 million to implement. For the average taxpayer thats $96-$132 per year.

The details of the red plan (and the other two plans as well) can be found here.

This is a bummer for me personally as I graduated from Central. Oh well. On the flip side, I'm happy to not be a Duluth taxpayer once again.



I graduated from Central too, and visited for several years after I graduated, and even in the years immediately after my graduation, the school was taking a turn for the worst. Fighting and gangs had become a problem, as had (of course) overpopulation. Closing Central seems like a bad idea in the sense that the school board is taking these problems and simply moving them to other schools, and compounding the overpopulation problem.

Unfortunately, Duluth is, as I've described it before, on it's way to becoming a ghost town.

I have more to say about that, but need breakfast.


I never really noticed the

I never really noticed the gang/fighting when I was there. I don't know if it got worse immediately after I left or if I was just oblivious to it (probably both).

I would hope that the school board is looking at population of the two schools when they consider this. You're not going to eliminate the gang/fighting problems by moving people around, nor do I think you're going to make it worse. That's a problem that is probably not related to the location so much as the students/staff/parents.

Duluth is on it's way to becoming a ghost town only in the fact that it's population is declining. I think it's a long ways from a ghost town, and "ghost town" may be a little dramatic.


No, it got worse after you and I both left - I didn't notice it much when I was there, either. According to Mr. B, it got considerably worse, and very fast. And, unfortunately, in public education (Duluth or elsewhere), the bottom line isn't the students - it's the money. So, while I'm sure they're making sure the plan is feasible, it perhaps isn't reasonable. And you were right to apply the old strong tag to the word "parents."


So I recently moved to

So I recently moved to Duluth MN from South Dakota, and am in my Senior year at Central High. I visited all the high schools, even Herman Town, and Central had a very friendly and the most clean and "inviting"environment. Although my old high school was bigger and definately better in many aspect- it was a new and more modern school built in 2004- Central was definately the better choice. East, which I know many others who attend, has an extreme problem with drugs, and school violence. I know this by word and as a primary source, and so far this year, I have seen one fight in Central. There really is not any sort of violence, or segragation, or concrete high school "clicks" which was very refreshing for me- this I think is because of an excellent principal, and a smaller student population. However, I must say, I think Duluth is a "has been" city.

I would hope that the school

I would hope that the school board is looking at population of the two schools when they consider this

What do you mean Closing!?

i would have graduated from central in 03 but i moved to Seattle in 2001, my sister graduated from central in 99 and my father and his brothers. why would they close the most "centrally" located school? now what will that make old central? older central? and if they're keeping Denfeld! Denfeld! c'mon! Ordean i actually kind of understand, and as much of a rivalry as there was East was a quality school. growing up in Duluth, we lived off of stereotypes, to us kids in the Central Hillside, East was a bunch of "cake eaters" or rich kids, a surprising Marie Antoinette reference from a neighborhood of underprivileged hood rats and and lower middle artsy kids,
we considered Denfeld to be where the Hicks went, joking they were transplants from Proctor, west Duluth was more industrial and to be honest, where most of our dads place of work was, i think we all just assumed they were raising younger hicky'er version of the hard ass dads we grew up with, so we hated them too.
i guess my gripe, even tho i too left Duluth for a better shot at an exciting life "as sad as it sounds that is exactly why i left" i look back on my exp at central and it really was the most middle of the road place you could be, as i said before the Hillside was raised on stereotypes but that's just because at central we had living examples of every single on of them! and i tell you what, as someone who was a part of Diversity Committee, a program my sister help start, we were taught not to ignore the classism racism homophobia gender bias and prejudice, but to embrace those differences, and be able to spot them from a mile away lol.
so farewell to my Trojan Horse to the world. central you were amazing in all the best and worst ways, and to me that's everything an institution preparing the young of the world should be.

Why is the school dist

Why is the school dist looking to close the newest school??? Let's look at this, they are closing the most centrally located school (which happens to be the newest) and then they want the tax payers to cough up $257 million so they can build a new middle school??? This just seems a bit crazy to me. Unfortunately they've been talking about this for years and its just sad that it is finally happening.

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