I've started getting more and more into podcasts lately. I spend about 90 minutes at a minimum behind the wheel every day and listening to the same old music over and over gets old.

I'm curious what podcasts people out there listen to. I've found that once I start listening to one that I like to go back and get as many of the old episodes as I can get my hands on in most cases (which may amount to just two or three or may amount to 50+).

Currently on my list:

NPR: Car Talk
NPR: Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!
Focus on the Family
The Popsci Podcast (Popular Science)
The Popular Mechanics Show
Obama's Weekly Radio Address
Stuff You Should Know (howstuffworks.com)
TechStuff (howstuffworks.com)

I've found that I still have room in my list to add additional titles, so I'm curious what podcasts others listen to?


The most important local podcast....

The greatest podcast ever (at least locally) is mine:


re: The most important local podcast....

I'll have to check it out now. Thanks Danny.

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